ALBUM: Dreezy – Big Dreez

Big Dreez :There is a mountain of talented artists coming from Chicago right now. Still, Dreezy finds a way to stand out. “You got a lot of rappers who have a real specialty and a certain kind of sound and I’m just trying to master all of the sounds as far as R&B and rapping,” Dreezy told Billboard.

“Just because I’m a female, I feel like I can play with both parts, so I’m just trying to do as much as I can and I feel like from a female point of view, I speak to a lot of the girls in Chicago and around the world about what I’m going through.” Dreezy does just that on her new album Big Dreez.

Dreezy’s sophomore effort runs for ten tracks. Offset, Kash Doll, Jeremih, Jacquees, and Derez De’Shon make guests appearances on Big Dreez, although their presence and energy are constantly matched or surpassed by Dreezy.

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