T-Pain – Everything Must Go (Vol. 2)

Everything Must Go (Vol. 2) :Hate it or love it, auto-tune was pronounced dead maybe a decade too soon. Though Jay-Z has upheld his end of the bargain, by remaining true to himself, so has T-Pain as a purveyor of the vocal affectation.

“Everything Must Go Vol. 2” is T-Pain’s way of staging a clearance sale of all his loose ends, at least at first glance. With respect to vocal arrangements, T-Pain hasn’t lost a step. He still shows a willingness to rev his engine at short notice. The effect always for continuity when the beat reaches a standstill, and he doesn’t go at it alone.

Bow Wow, Severe & MJG all make surprise appearances on the mixtape.

ZIP: T-Pain – Everything Must Go (Vol. 2)

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