ALBUM: Angèle – Brol

Brol :This is one of the most anticipated albums of the season and it is revealed with a bag full of baby teeth and a 100% Belgian title. On October 5, the young Angela presented her first album: “Brol”.

Where does this title come from? Belgian slang, and it sums up what we find in this album that really mixes genres. “Brol” is a typical Belgian word that is particularly dear to Angèle Van Laeken’s heart. “I wanted to put a Belgian word in my album, especially since it always made me laugh.Brol is the brothel, the disorder but optimistic and light, it is not at all pejorative explains Romeo Elvis’ little sister, which reminds me of my childhood, my country because I am less and less so, so I find it very reassuring.”

But “brol” does not have a single meaning. Everything depends on the context as explained very well “The Belgian minute”. Each of these senses can help us describe the album of the young Belgian who ended up being “the little sister of” or an Instagram bomb: after two Trianon sold out, millions of views on YouTube and the festival tour Angèle will do the Olympia on March 13th.

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