NEWS: Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death, Kills Five Others


Passersby Were Also Killed And Injured

A man in southern China, has killed six people, the man was reported to have stabbed his girlfriend and her relatives and thereafter driving a car into pedestrians and attacking passersby.

The 54 year old man who was recongnised as Huang, was revealed to have been having relationship problems and decided to take it out on his girlfriend and her family on Monday, Liuzhou police said in a statement.

Report had it that the man stabbed his girlfriend and her relatives at their home, killing all four of them and fled in a black SUV.

When driving on the Wenchang Bridge, (Huang) got agitated by the traffic and took it out on passersby, killing two and injuring 12,” the Monday statement said.

Police said he ploughed the vehicle into several motorists on electric bicycles, then got out of the car and stabbed pedestrians with a knife before he was arrested.

Knife attacks are reportedly not uncommon in China.

In July, a man who stabbed nine children to death and wounded another 11 in northern China was sentenced to death.

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